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Rye Meeting House is a historic Quaker meeting house located in Rye, New York. It was built in the 1830s as a school house, then moved to its present site in 1867. In 2011, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Clemco Construction & Restoration, Inc. received an "Excellence in Historic Preservation" award from The Preservation League of New York State in 2015.

We began by removing many layers of old roofing material to prepare the roof structure for it's new clerestory windowed cupola. The original cupola had been removed many years ago to reduce the load on an inadequately sized roof structure. A special hidden truss system was designed by Walter Sedovic Architects, then fabricated and installed by us. This photo shows the skip board roof sheathing over the trusses installed and the framing for the cupola.

Installation of perfection cedar shingles and lead coated copper flashing completed. Cupola ready for installation of custom-made reverse awning windows.

18 beautifully made, custom windows by Bojan Petek were installed by us and the cupola was finished with exterior trim, siding, and paint.

Interior view with all windows in the open position. The windows are operated with a specially constructed pole from the floor below. Miraculously, the pole is the original that was kept even after the first cupola was removed and discarded.

We build beautiful new homes and restore historic buildings, churches, and houses. Since 1975, we have offered award-winning historic restoration and construction services throughout Westchester County and Putnam County in New York State.

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