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We treat masonry as a design element, building style as well as function into every chimney, foundation and stone terrace. Our master craftsmen recognize the differences between Queen Anne and Second Empire and can design and build the proper chimney for each.

Custom designed 14 ft. high brick chimney with decorative diamond slate inlays built for a Victorian mansion.

A pile of Pennsylvania fieldstone is transformed into a Large Rumford style fireplace on the inside and a rustic chimney on the outside.

Fieldstone foundation constructed of locally collected stone.

Rumford style, glacial stone fireplace.

Distinctive French curved brick fireplace with wood storage built for a new post-modern residence. The unit has two fireplaces with flues that divide in the attic and emerge as two separate chimneys.

A cement block chimney greatly improved by adding Cultured Stone and a new crown with two extended clay chimney liners.

Salvaged field-stone and old Pennsylvania blue-stone retaining wall.

We build beautiful new homes and restore historic buildings, churches, and houses. Since 1975, we have offered award-winning historic restoration and construction services throughout Westchester County and Putnam County in New York State.

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