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Castle Rock, in Garrison, New York, was built by J. Morgan Slade in 1881 as the summer residence of former Illinois Central Railroad president William H. Osborn. It sits on the hill of the same name, looking down on the Hudson River 600 feet below. Visible from West Point across the river and NY 9D passing through Garrison, it has become one of the most recognizable man-made landmarks of the Hudson Highlands. In 1977 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Performed during 2010, this project included: the complete removal of, and subsequent re-installation of, a 130-year-old red slate roof; carpentry repairs; masonry repairs and re-pointing; and extensive copper work, including fabrication of many unique copper decorative roof elements.

We own our own scaffolding and lift equipment, which significantly reduced the cost and time of this project.

Integral box gutters had rotted off necessitating complete re-building.

We fabricated and installed 20 oz. copper liner with specially designed and formed brass tie rods to reduce possibility of gutter failure under heavy ice and snow loads.

After careful washing and inspection for soundness, all salvageable historic red slate shingles were re-installed.

Example of poor condition of roof as found and subsequent repairs.

Tom fabricating a custom over-sized copper collector, as well as a custom designed copper scupper to be used in the opening of the bay roof shown below.

The bay roof needed extensive repairs, including installing the new copper scupper.

Southeast section with slate shingles removed and then re-installed.

Beginning removal of slate shingles from southwest section and re-installation after all copper work had been completed.

Northwest roof section before, during, and after restoration (below).

Stripping shingles from the tower and re-installing. Each row had to be smaller as we approached the top.

Half done.

Almost done!

Chimney cricket and copper flashing.

13 fireplaces with many chimneys to repair and re-point!

The same sidewall area before and after re-pointing.

One of the most beautiful views that we have ever witnessed on a job site.

We build beautiful new homes and restore historic buildings, churches, and houses. Since 1975, we have offered award-winning historic restoration and construction services throughout Westchester County and Putnam County in New York State.

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